Company History

LGBTI Planet came about after attending many queer film festival and asking myself, what happens to the films after the festival and discovering that festivals rarely pay for the films they screen.


Greg Howard – Gay Man, Father, Grandpa. Employed by Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras to build floats, giant puppets, creature suits and also served a year on their board. Producer/Performer of Gay cabaret and pub theatre and Gay Film Maker - has worked continuously in the performing arts since the age of 21.

Jake Owen – Still insists the G in LGBTI stands for Gaybe...having been told this by his gay foster parents. Tech Nerd and lover of all things anime!

Peter Pezzutti – Gay Man, Father, Nonno and long-time suffering partner of Greg Howard. Keeps the wheel turning on the business! Cooks a wonderful risotto!

Our Goals

1. To inspire and encourage LGBTIQ film makers, artists and creative community by generating income to pay them for their product.

2. To establish an archive and history of the LGBTIQ Community and the amazing work they produce.

3. To create a space that nurtures and accurately represents the Australian/NZ LGBTIQ community.

Contact Us

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